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Director's Excellence Fund

Jan Nyrop
Cornell AgriTech Director
Jan Nyrop

The Cornell AgriTech Director’s Excellence Fund is used to support research important to the New York agricultural and food industries. If you have provided annual support to the fund in the past, on behalf of the entire faculty and staff in Geneva, we thank you. If this is the first time you have learned of the fund, we would very much appreciate your help. Your donation will help Cornell AgriTech as we continue to develop new technologies and value-added products that open new markets to the state’s producers and grow successful businesses.

Excellence Fund Support includes:

lab workThe Geneva Summer Scholar Program

The Geneva Summer Scholars program brings undergraduate students from across the United States to our campus for nine weeks to work on research projects that provide direct benefit to New York growers and food businesses. Approximately 30 scholars are selected annually to work with researchers in Geneva. For many scholars, the program is their first introduction to the importance of and opportunities in agricultural research, and a growing number of scholars return to Cornell to pursue graduate degrees in food science, plant science, plant pathology and entomology.

Agricultural priorities in New York

BeansThe Excellence Fund also supports research to address crucial agricultural priorities, including methods to control diseases and invasive insect pests that threaten New York crops. This source of support is more important today than ever, because state and federal funding for agricultural science and technology has not kept pace with the rising costs of operating a research institution. Your donations will continue to secure our organization's future by helping to support our programs and strengthen the capacity of Cornell AgriTech to deliver on its tradition of service to those who grow, market and consume food in New York and around the world.