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Buildings & Properties

As a service and maintenance department of Cornell AgriTech, our responsibility is to provide responsive maintenance engineering and special services in support of our institution's vital research.
Our mission is to maintain and expand the campus and its facilities to the highest possible standards, while providing dependable and cost effective support services to those carrying out the research. 

We are a service organization dedicated to the success and satisfaction of Cornell AgriTech, staff, students and campus visitors.

Our responsibilities include: 

  • capital projects
  • maintenance
  • operation and improvement of buildings
  • utility systems
  • field research operations
  • grounds
  • greenhouses
  • vehicles

Our team members are our most valuable asset. Each individual is a team member who contributes to the decision-making process. We seek creative and innovative solutions to meet our customer's needs, set high service standards, and promote the personal growth of our team members through education and training.

Our goal is to carry out our mission as a harmonious unified and cohesive unit, to use proven technology to increase our capabilities, solicit feedback to help determine the quality of our services, maintain a safe campus environment and conduct planning activities to achieve the most desirable future for our customers and our organization.

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