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Fuel Procedures

Geneva on campus fueling


You will need a 4 digit code and a prokee to operate the fuel pump.  Codes are assigned through the Administrative Service Center (ASC) upon supervisor access approval.  Individual users should have their own unique code and not share it with others.  If you do not have a 4 digit code, contact your supervisor to arrange access.  Your supervisor will then work Renee Jakaub at ext. 2234 or to arrange an assigned code for your use.


All new vehicles are assigned a red prokee during the registration process.  Extra/replacement prokees can be purchased at cost.  Cost of fuel will be assessed and billed to programs upon assigned prokee.  If needed, contact the Buildings and Properties office (ext 2301) to arrange for a prokee.

Pumps (Gas and Diesel):

South east of the General Services bldg, North side of road

Fueling: LCD screen will prompt user along the way

  1. Insert Prokee (till screen asks for users id) then remove
  2. Type user id (fueling code) then hit enter
  3. Select which hose 1 or 2 (gas) or 3 (diesel) then press enter
  4. Pump fuel (return hose to pump)

Problems/concerns during fueling? Contact Garage staff (787-2304) or B&P office (787-2301)