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Key Procedures

An Individual requesting a Key must get their Department's approval.

A Service Request Must be processed:
Department Representatives: The Individual requesting a Key must notify their Department Maximo UFR to issue a Service Request for a key.
Carpenter Shop: Once the Carpenter Shop gets the Service Request/Work Order a key will be Issued. The Individual will be notified when the key is ready. Note that all Best Keys and Corbin Grand Masters have a Key Agreement that must to be signed by Individual requesting the key.

Transfer of Best Keys and Corbin Grand Masters:
The Department needs to notify Buildings and Properties, Carpenter Shop before any Best Key changes owners. The new owner will have to sign a Key Agreement.

Corbin and Other Keys:
The Departments are responsible for their inventory and control.

Employee Transfer or Separation:
In case of Employee transfer or separation, the department is responsible for the recovery of issued keys from that employee and their return to Buildings & Properties.