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Custodial Contact: 2301 Phone

Staff Listing

Lead Custodian -Dominga Gonzalez  - hours 4:30am-1:00pm Monday - Thursday and 4:30am-12pm Friday
Surge, FRU non-shop area’s and General Svcs – Whole bldgs., bathrooms only in Greenhouse & Warehouse


Vacant- hours 6am-2:30pm Monday - Thursday and 6am-1:30pm Friday
USDA - Admin, Clonal , Seeds, Sawdust Café,  & IPM - Whole Bldgs. and bathrooms only in USDA Farm & Raw Products


Michele Graham- hours 4:30am-1:00pm Monday - Thursday and Friday 4:30am-12pm
Hedrick and Stone Barn – Whole bldgs.


Vacant - hours 6am-2:30pm Monday - Thursday and 6am-1:30pm Friday
Jordan Hall & Station Houses (common areas)


Patricia Manino - hours 4am - 1:00pm  Monday - Thursday, 4am-12pm Friday
Barton Lab: 2nd – 6th floors & Sturtevant 1st floor


Christopher Olmstead - hours 4am-12:30pm Monday - Thursday and 4am - 11:30am Friday
Barton Labs: Ground - 1st Floors, 4935H, and Sturtevant ground floor


Vacant - hours 6am-2:30pm Monday - Thursday and 6am-1:30pm Friday
Food Science bldg.


Please Note:

  • Personal items will not be cleaned, also the surfaces directly around and under them.  Faculty/Staff may make special arrangements with Custodial Staff to get areas cleaned once they move personal items.
  • Shredder power heads will not be removed by Custodial staff.  Custodial staff will remove bagged shredded materials once remove from shredder.
  • Water dispensing units are the responsibility of the contracted vendor.  Custodial staff is not responsible for cleaning unit or replacing bottles.
  • Biohazard waste and sharps are the responsibility of EH&S, and autoclave waste is the responsibility of Lab users.
  • Building users need to clean up after themselves when surfaces get soiled above and beyond everyday use.
  • Building users are requested to breakdown cardboard boxes before leaving for pick up by Custodial staff.
  • No personal trash or recycling should be brought on campus for disposal.