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Fleet Garage

Staff Listing

Lead Mechanic
Aaron Spina

All NYSAES fleet vehicle reservations and vehicle service requests should be made through Agile Fleet Commander
Geneva on campus fueling (unleaded and diesel)

All Repairs/Maintenance on:

  • Vehicles, Mowers, tractors and farm equipment
  • Roads and Parking lot (On Campus)


  • NYS Inspections, light vehicles and trailers Safety (Vehicles)
  • Fuel tank inspections AST & UST
  • Stationary Generator inspections

Snow Removal (On Campus lots, and roads)
Sign out Rental Vehicles

Department Vehicle Replacement

All new vehicles, regardless of funding source, should be purchased in coordination with the fleet garage. They are familiar with all the steps in the process and will help make sure all the details are taken care of and you are getting the best price available.

Administration will budget for up to 4 vehicles (new or used) annually. All requests for vehicles should go to department chairs. Chairs should prioritize their requests and provide them to B & P. Decisions on which vehicles to support will be based on need of the program (priority determined by Chair) and condition of the present vehicle (if any) that is assigned to the program. Director’s contribution will be higher for a hybrid or alternate fuel vehicle.

All other costs including maintenance and insurance will be covered by the department or program to which the vehicle is assigned. Insurance is to be paid yearly. When director supported vehicles are replaced, the resale value of the vehicle will be returned to administration and placed in a vehicle-replacement account.

Geneva Fleet Service Facility (Rentable Fleet)

The Station operates a rental vehicle fleet available to Station staff and faculty for business purchases. This operation is self supporting and zero profit/zero loss. It receives no subsidy from the administration except as a customer of the B&P service center (it pays the same labor rate as departments). Our goal is to provide reliable low cost transportation for the Station department and units, following the Cornell Service Facility policies (Policy 3.10).

All NYSAES fleet vehicle reservations and vehicle service requests should be made through Agile Fleet Commander

Were do I park in Ithaca?

View Ithaca Parking maps
Geneva Campus vehicles can park in “CF, P, F, K, N, & O” Lots and also flex spots for up to 2 hrs.

Arranging Service on Vehicles or Equipment

Call the garage directly to make arrangements as needed (2304).

Besides vehicles, the fleet garage may be able to help with a variety of engine powered or wheeled equipment, including tractors, tillers, generators, ATVs, etc. The garage also has some capability for metal fabrication and welding.

Surplus Vehicles

As with purchasing, the fleet garage will need to be advised when a vehicle is going to be removed from inventory or transferred to another department.

Retired vehicles are:

  1. First offered to the Station departments and units
  2. Second to all Cornell entities via the Cornell Asset Transfer System
  3. Third to the Station community for private use by email announcement and sealed bids
  4. Fourth they are taken to the auction or an auto recycler as appropriate

Funds from the sale of vehicles:

  1. Fleet rental vehicles sales are retained by the service facility, helping to lower the rate charged
  2. Non-subsidized departmental/unit purchased vehicles sales are retained by the department/unit

Campus Roads

The fleet garage is tasked with coordinating and performing road repair, maintenance and snow removal on campus. The Field Research Unit is responsible for farm roads.

If you are planning to leave your vehicle while on campus during the winter months for a business reason, please consult with the fleet garage. We may be able to suggest a location that will allow us to maintain the parking lots and not cause your vehicle to be plowed in.

If you are planning to leave your department vehicle parked for extended periods during the winter, please make arrangements with the garage to move it when snow needs to be plowed.