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Big Al Rules

At the Station Club Banquet last November NYSAES recognized an extraordinary body of work and honored an outstanding colleague with its Employee of the Year award. NYSAES Director Tom Burr and the entire Station community took a moment to celebrate Al Fairbrother and a 28-year career of service. Various letters of support for Al’s nomination used the words humble, dedicated, calm, generous, hardworking,  and always willing to help to describe the man and his way of interacting with his fellow employees.  Anyone who’s ever taken a mechanical problem to Al  would gratefully recognize those characteristics as they left the shop with problem solved and a long sigh of relief.  This note shares its somewhat tardy appearance with the presentation of the award itself, as both were long overdue.  Nevertheless, in the midst of a long, cold wearying winter it feels good to recognize, once again, one of the genuinely caring people who keep all of us at the Station moving forward.  image