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George Disbrow named 2016 Outstanding Employee

George Disbrow, center, receives the NYSAES Outstanding Employee Award from John Adams and Susan Brown. (Photo: Gemma Osborne/NYSAES)

George Disbrow is well known around Cornell’s New York State Agricultural Experiment Station as someone who gets things done.

Now the vehicle mechanic in the Field Research Unit (FRU) is known as something else: the outstanding employee of the year.

Disbrow earned this year’s honor Nov. 12 at the station’s annual banquet. He is the first FRU member recognized for the award honoring employees for dedication and commitment to the mission of the Station.

Field Research Manager John Adams says that the phrase “it can’t be done" is not in Disbrow’s vocabulary.

“He truly understands the high thresholds our stakeholders hold us to and always strives to achieve that level,” said Adams. “Whenever presented with a problem, he will find a solution.”

As a valued member of the FRU, Disbrow is often called upon by others in the unit and by colleagues across the Station on a diverse array of projects because of his skillset and ability to have an impact on the task, according to Adams.

Adams lauded for Disbrow for his flexibility and willingness to take on the many challenging requests fielded by the FRU. 

The award became an annual tradition in 1987 as a way to recognize the achievements of Station employees. The winner receives a plague, gift certificates, and the coveted “Outstanding Employee Parking” sign, allowing the person to park in a spot of their choosing for the year.