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Mail Services

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Mail Processor

Jackie Aman ( )
Ext # 2301

Mail Room is Located in the General Services Bldg, 33 Crabapple Drive (west side of bldg).  Mail room hours are 11:30am-3:30pm Monday-Friday.

Campus mail delivery / pick ups approximately 1:00pm - 2:30pm (during staffing shortages 11:00am-1:00pm)
Delivery Route packages weight limited to 50 pounds

Campus Mail Services

  • Bulk Mailings
  • Campus Mail
  • Delivery of Campus & US Mail
  • Envelopes, # 10 (stamped & addressed)
  • Envelopes, Air Mail
  • Metering of US Postal Mail
  • Pick up of Campus & US Mail
  • UPS Ground (Transit days map) (pick up at General Services)
  • US Postal Services
  • USPS Helpful Info (word doc)

Ithaca and Geneva Campus mail is transported on the Fitzgeralds bus.

Monday - Friday the van leaves:
Ithaca (Robert/Kennedy Hall) at 7am
Geneva (General Service's “Mail Room”) at 5pm
Intercampus mail is picked up and dropped off everyday the shuttle runs at ~8:30am.  If mail is high priority it recommended to ship using UPS ground or US Mail.

ALL Mail should be in a completed state before being left at your departments pick up point.

(Examples of Completed are sealed & addresses envelopes)
Mail needing postage will be done at Mail Room
Include: Name of sender & Account Information in the formate of Department/Program/Account if known

Bulk Mailings requests need to include:

Sorted by zip code (smallest to biggest), Requestor's Name, Account Information & Quantity.

Campus Mail should always include on address:

To: Name, Dept, Bldg
From: Sender
“Ithaca Campus” should be noted on all Ithaca Campus Mail

International Mail should always include:

Customs forms
To: Name, Address, COUNTRY
From: Sender & Account Information
Package: Contents and Value