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Mail Services

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Mail Processor

Jackie Aman ( )
Ext # 2301

Mail Room is Located in the General Services Bldg (west side of bldg).  Mail room hours are 11:30am-3:30pm Monday-Friday.

Campus mail delivery / pick ups approximately 1:00pm - 2:30pm (during staffing shortages 11:00am-1:00pm)
Delivery Route packages weight limited to 50 pounds

Campus Mail Services

  • Bulk Mailings
  • Campus Mail
  • Delivery of Campus & US Mail
  • Envelopes, # 10 (stamped & addressed)
  • Envelopes, Air Mail
  • Metering of US Postal Mail
  • Pick up of Campus & US Mail
  • UPS Ground (Transit days map) (pick up at General Services)
  • US Postal Services
  • USPS Helpful Info (word doc)

Ithaca and Geneva Campus mail is transported on the Fitzgeralds bus.

Monday - Friday the van leaves:
Ithaca (Robert/Kennedy Hall) at 7am
Geneva (General Service's “Mail Room”) at 5pm
If mail is high priority it recommended to ship using UPS ground or US Mail.

ALL Mail should be in a completed state before being left at your departments pick up point.

(Examples of Completed are sealed & addresses envelopes)
Mail needing postage will be done at Mail Room
Include: Name of sender & Account Information in the formate of Department/Program/Account if known

Bulk Mailings requests need to include:

Sorted by zip code (smallest to biggest), Requestor's Name, Account Information & Quantity.

Campus Mail should always include on address:

To: Name, Dept, Bldg
From: Sender
“Ithaca Campus” should be noted on all Ithaca Campus Mail

International Mail should always include:

Customs forms
To: Name, Address, COUNTRY
From: Sender & Account Information
Package: Contents and Value