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Center of Excellence in Food and Agriculture

A Hub for Economic Growth in New York State

The Center of Excellence in Food and Agriculture at Cornell AgriTech pulls together multiple partners to catalyze business development in the agriculture and food industries. The Center for Excellence serves as a hub connecting New York businesses and entrepreneurs with services they need to grow including:

  • Access to world class Cornell researchers and cutting edge research and development
  • Connections to distributors and marketers, potential partners, co packing and manufacturing facilities
  • Business services, workshops and mentorship needed for development and expansion
  • Physical office, lab and kitchen space and specialized equipment 

New York state is home to the nation’s second-largest food manufacturing sector in the country, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture.With this strong foundation, Cornell AgriTech’s Center of Excellence in Food and Agriculture accelerates growth and positions New York state as a global leader in agricultural and food innovation by attracting additional investment, creating new jobs and fostering the growth of new companies, new products and existing businesses.

A Strategy for Success

The Center of Excellence catalyzes business development in the agriculture and food industries through a multi-tiered approach in order to:

  • Push new technologies to commercialization within New York.
  • Pull existing companies into New York, attracted by the opportunities to work with leaders in innovation and research.
  • Grow existing agriculture and food technology companies in New York.


Interested in connecting with the Center?

Connect with Project Associate Max Henry. Project Associate Max Henry is an entrepreneur in residence with more than 25 years of experience leading Silicon Valley internet, consumer, and business-to-business technology companies. Henry is currently the founder and president of Humming Bird Leadership and his former experience includes serving as president and CEO of multiple companies including Topica, PrivateExpress, Fabrik Communications, and JSB Corporation. Henry has served on numerous boards of directors and advisory boards and is currently board chairman at InfoStreet, an Inc 500 SaaS company.