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Grapes and Wine

Grape researchGrapes and wine are a billion dollar industry in New York State, which has five distinct growing regions: Long Island, the Finger Lakes, the Hudson Valley, Lake Erie and Lake Champlain. Cornell AgriTech provides resources to help growers and wine makers with important decisions from site selection and business planning to wine making.

  • Cornell Grape Varieties
    Since 1906, the Cornell breeding program has released more than 50 juice, table and wine grape varieties adapted to cool climates. Detailed information on the Cornell varieties is provided on this website.
  • Grape Research and Production Education (G.R.a.P.E.)
    An online guide for new and aspiring grape growers, which covers recommended planning beginning two years before vineyard establishment, produced by the Lake Erie Regional Grape Program.
  • New York Vineyard Site Evaluation
    An online resource to assist growers in evaluating potential vineyard sites based on site-specific geography, climate and soil data.
  • Production Guide for Organic Grapes
    An online guide for production of grapes, produced by the NYSIPM program.
  • VineBalance
    This New York guide to sustainable viticulture includes a grower self-assessment workbook and the educational newsletter Sustainable Viticulture in the Northeast.
  • Cornell Fruit Pages (Grapes)
    A website with links to Cornell's grape resources, including production, IPM, post harvest handling and food safety, wine and other value-added products, business and labor management, and marketing.
  • New York State Wine Analytical Lab
    Provides affordable juice and wine analysis for quality assurance and problem solving.
  • Appellation Cornell
    Quarterly e-newsletter that features articles and news about Cornell’s research, teaching and extension programs.
  • Veraison to Harvest
    Weekly newsletter published from late August through October with timely regional reports on grape ripening and harvest conditions throughout New York.

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